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maya en largo - copia

This account equals what I went throughout life 2 conquer real freedom and contribute 2 protect life on this planet, did you know that actually corrupted institutions as governments, money systems, religions, and science 4 death, have now technologies 2 maintain you a slave or murder you in the event you represent a threat 2 them as I am? well WE REAL WORLD ORDER 4 LIFE became dangerous 4 these bastards asses and minds dedicated 2 genocide, therefore, we have 2 know by ourselves how 2 defeat and eliminate these unwanted murderers and genocide technologies used nowadays by the fuckers of this world that have their days and nights counted with the sentence of no return 2 any physical or etheric life, sobeitsoitis.


I wanted 2 put a picture of me burnt by an attack perpetrated by these assholes above but let me tell you that the fuckers put in power leader places by the real mafia criminals, they are robots at their service that also are destroying themselves via their own evil acts and greedy thrist 4 fake money as the owners of land, etc., pretty soon, all humanoids concerned of destruction, genocide and pollution, are having even alive a commun fate, which is TOTAL DELETION FROM BEING AGAIN IN ANY LIFEFORM, SO BE IT, SO IT IS, as I was telling you, since about 53 years, these parasites and their evil tech, tried 2 murder me or kidnap me 2 study my body, in 2009, they decided 2 assassinate me by means of NANO LASER BEAM MICROWAVE TECH, the helicopter passes while you are walking on the street and read your DNA, if you are a threat 4 them, they send you the ray via satelite and can kill you in 3 seconds or leave handicapped 4 life as it was supposed 2 be my case after I myself saved my life, well surprise, I’M STRONGER THAN EVER AND KICKING GENOCIDERS OUT OF THIS WORLD 4EVER UNTIL NONE OF THESE PARASITES ARE LEFT OF THIS PARADISE 4 FREE AS IT SHOULD BE 4 ALL LIFE BEINGS ON EARTH, SOBEITSOITIS.


After being attacked and burnt in a few seconds by Nano microwave technology in 2009, I healed with natural medication, sound and lots of will power, at the time and because I never watch, TV or read about all the shit this corrupted human civilization has created, I didn’t know that cell phones, antennas, smart meters, WIFI, Satelites, chemtrails, Monsanto’s shit and all actually corrupted institutions named above and under the law of money systems, were dedicated 2 exterminate themselves from planet earth, when I realized the genocide perpetrated not only towards 85% of humans but life itself on this planet, I DECREED DELETION OF ALL UNWANTED PARASITES NAMED ABOVE ALONG WITH THEIR MICROWAVE WEAPONS, RELIGIONS AND ALL ACTS AND DEEDS 4 DEATH, WE REAL WORLD ORDER 4 LIFE, WE ARE THE ABSOLUTE MONARCH REMAINING O THIS PLANET ALONG WITH SACRED NATURE, ANIMALS AND REAL LOVING AND COMPASIONATE HUMAN BEINGS, SOBEITSOITIS.



All those using cell phones or supporting governments, religions, and science 4 death, they are commiting self-suicide 4ever, Nano and all shit directed 2 us real world order 4 life, it will never have success because we are mirrors reflecting and sending back 2 them their shit, but if you are part of the MATRIX OR ACTUAL GENOCIDE, the system can kill individually or collectively via your cell phone, chemtrails, black magic religion as is Christianism, Islam, Judaism, Jehovah witness and all sects as the Free Masson and Zionist illuminati elite that govern you, assassinations can also be done by Nano Motorola tech along with health institutions where they give you mercury in the vaccines or make you become a drug addict, etc., when the fuckers attacked me in 2009, I was protected at the time, they couldn’t kill me but the harm done to my physical body, it was huge, happily, I healed myself within 6 months, later it followed another series of attempts by electromagnetic microwave cell phones, computers and infected apartments with mold and fungus, these attacks took years 2 heal since they used my own blood family, friends and all physical ordinary events in my daily life, intervening even in my job, assets and all what they could do 2 fuck my life, all their evil deeds, made me more strong and at the end, I REVERSED THEIR ACTIONS 2 ALL THOSE CONCERNED, THE FUCKERS OF THIS WORLD, THEY HAVE DEATH PENALTY 4EVER NOW, SO BE IT, SO IT IS.


According 2 Harald Kautz Vella and myself, actual wireless microwave technologies, can kill you in seconds, 1 year or 3 years, just go 2 his web site and know more,, the number one tool nowadays 2 eliminate you, it is your cell phone, religion or any transgenics you eat plus the fact that you should become VEGETAL REVOLUTION, stop eating tortured animals because at the end, YOU’LL BECOME DEATH ITSELF 4EVER, stop being a genocider and save your life, the fuckers alive or death now, IT IS AS THEY NEVER EXISTED, take out money systems, religions and science 4 death and this Gaia planet becomes a paradise, I ALREADY LIVE ASW SUCH, SO CAN YOU.


The fuckers of this world, they can’t invent or create anything by themselves because evil and greed stop their hearts from giving them the creative tool 2 bring life, on the opposite, they need robotic minds and asses 2 develop binary technologies 4 death only, trinary technologies like all Nicolas Tesla inventions, were done with the heart, intelligence and will of LIBERATING PLANET EARTH FROM THE ACTUAL MONEY SYSTEMS AND GET EVERYTHING 4 FREE AS MOTHER NATURE GIVES, all that you buy, the fuckers of this world, GUT IT 4 FREE, STOP BEING A SLAVE AND 4 FREE ALL THAT YOU NEED, I HAVE BEING DOING THIS ALL MY LIFE AND IT WORKS.


I seeded and grow this sunflower with sun, water and soil, therefore, BY CONSTITUTIONAL UNIVERSAL LAW HERE ON EARTH, WE SHOULD HAVE ALL that WE NEED 4 FREE AND SEND MONEY SYSTEMS 2 HELL, I HAVE BEEN A FREE BEING ALL MY LIFE AND NOW SINCE ABOUT 23 YEARS, I LIVE MONEYLESS, with this I mean that if I need money 2 pay something, THIS MONEY OR GIFT, COMES 2 ME FREELY, PRETTY SOON ALL HUMAN SOCIETIES ARE BECOMING MONEYLESS IN FORM OF COOPERATIVES, REAL LIFE EDUCATIONAL UNIVERSITIES, NATURAL MEDICATION, ETC., I feel you should follow my steps and become THE MASTER OF THE WORLD 4 LIFE, it became easy now 4 the fuckers 2 continue collecting your money and robotizing humanity via microwave technologies as it is the case nowadays, 85% of ignorant asses and minds on the planet are supporting these same microwave technologies by using them, they are committing auto-suicide and contributing 2 harm all life forms on the planet, my universal decree this year 2017 S THAT THESE LETHAL MICROWAVE DEVICES AS CELL PHONES, PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS, CHEMTRAILS, ETC., WILL ONLY DO HARM 2 THOSE THAT CONCEIVED THEM, INTRODUCED THEM AS MASSIVE USE AND MAINLY THOSE THAT KNOWING THE HARM THEY DO 2 THEMSELVES STILL USE THEM, SO BE IT, SO IT IS, extra-terrestrial help deleted already all nuclear waste left by the production of these evil weapons, nuclear Fukushima and Chernobyl no accidents but done on purpose 2 contaminate planet earth, the sun is taking care of chemtrails, destroying what they spray and turning the smart dust in PURE PRANA, NATURE, ANIMALS AND HUMAN BEINGS WORKING 4 LIFE, THEY WON’T BE HARM ANYMORE BY ELECTROMAGNETIC MICROWAVE FIELDS, CHEMTRAILS OR ANY SHIT CREATED BY HUMAN EVIL MINDS AND ACTIONS, SOBEITSOITIS.


Discover why now you have 2 pay evil money if you want 2 drink real water given 4 free by our elements on earth, even the purified water you buy, contains fluoride in it, don’t brush your teeth with commercial tooth paste containing fluoride, do your own creams and soaps or dehodorants free of alluminium content and with organic elements, move 2 the countryside and have your own clean water or get a reversal osmosis purifier and add BORAX  2 this water 2 take out traces of fluoride and chlorine in it, or put tub water in glass green bottles 3 days under the sun, your water will be purified 4 free, MONEY SYSTEMS ARE EVIL, THEREFORE, WE HAVE 2 DESTROY EVIL AND LIVE MONEYLESS, I DO IT AND IT WORKS, I HAVE ALL WHAT I NEED 2 LIVE AS THE MASTER OF ALL LIFE NOT ONLY ON THIS PLANET BUT THE WHOLE UNIVERSE, currency corrupted 85% of humanity, everybody wants 2 become a big shot, rich and famous, VANITY AND RELIGION WERE THE MAIN TOOLS IN THE PASSED 2 MAINTAIN HUMANITY IN SLAVERY, CURRENCY, GOVERNMENTS AND ACTUAL SCIENCE, WERE THE TOOLS 2 CONTINUE BRINGING OUR PLANET 2 ALMOST TOTAL DESTRUCTION, the fuckers never counted in their prophecies that NINAOHMANBLUESKY, THE SUPREME CREATOR AND REAL MONARCH OF ALL WORLDS WILL PAY A VISIT 2 PLANET EARTH 2 ERADICATE EVIL, IGNORANCE AND GREED, A NEW WORLD ORDER 4 LIFE IS BORN 4 ALL LIVING BEINGS ON THIS BEAUTIFUL AND DIVERSE PARADISE CALLED GAIA, USHUAIA, SOPHIA, ETC., NinaOhman, she is not only present as a human being but within every single lifeform on planet earth, real humans that have dedicated their lives 2 bring beauty, creative deeds and don’t contribute 2 support evil in anyway, all these beings are her army and the loving weapon 2 eliminate evil on planet earth, OUR REVOLUTION IS A VEGETAL REVOLUTION 4EVER, NO MORE KILLING OF ANIMALS SO YOU EAT THEIR BODIES, NO MORE POLLUTION AND STINKY ASSES AND MINDS THAT KNOW ONLY HOW 2 DEFECATE POISON AND BECOME DEAD SPECIES 4EVER THAT NOT EVEN WORMS WILL WANT 2 FEED ON, SOBEITSOITIS, as I was telling you, I was attacked in 2009 in Canada with beam technology, the same used 2 murder Dr. Rauni Kilde, assassinated in 2014, follow the link and find out how,,


Money systems, actual monarchies, governments and religion made of humanity whores and robots, ignorant proud fanatic asses and minds try 2 get whatever they want without asking themselves if they contribute or not 2 the actual genocide going on planet earth, they became life prostitutes where the only objective is 2 fuck other beings lives at any cost, this illness, it is now generalized, the so called elite illuminati fuckers, robotized already 85% of humanity, these corrupted asses and minds, they are responsible 4 their own auto-suicide worldwide, our planet became a garbage place where pollution and organic Eco-systems were disrupted in their natural function, all 4 the sake of money and power, our foods became poisoned and we had 2 put extra work 2 be able 2 eat organic foods and drinks, I LIVE MONEYLESS AND DO TRADE OF GOODS AND SERVICES 2 MAKE MY LIVING WHILE STILL MONEY SYSTEMS EXIST BECAUSE YOU SUPPORT THEM, my way of turning poisoned foods into organic vegetarian foods, it’s simple, if I can’t harvest or buy the expensive organic vegetables and seeds, by trying 2 get normal organic seeds that were not modified by Monsanto transgenic garbage, I take out all the chemical fertilizers by purifying them within salty water during 20 minutes, rinse them and strain them with clean purified water, 2 purify your water, set bottles of tab water by the sun for 3 days, later with a borax 1/8 of tea spoon for 11 cups of water, you take out the fluoride in the water and voila, you will eat organic vegetables, cereals and real pure H2O water, real organic foods are almost out of reach 4 now, they are only organic if you grow them indoors with soil and water that was not contaminated with the no accident of Fukushima radiation, fluoride, chlorine, barium and aluminium are being sprayed into our atmosphere by planes, a smart dust made of these chemicals thrown by the combustion of fuel engines of any commercial or military army planes, dedicated 2 pollute our world but transmutated by US REAL WORLD ORDER 4 LIFE INTO PURE VITAL ENERGY THAT IN CONJUCTION WITH OUR NOW WHITE SUN, IT IS DESTROYING THEM AS WELL AS THE PLASMA THEY APLY 2 KEEP US FROM GETTING REAL INFORMATION FROM OUR SUN KNOWLEDGE, just check Harald  Kautz Vella video on chemtrails and Morgellons diseases, etc.




This article will have a follow but in the meantime, just google ninaohman or dammebleu and find me, 2 all my relations, I say wanka Tanka, we are all related, therefore, I am the white female buffalo calf that will bring freedom 2 every single alive being on planet earth after the cleansing of all asses and minds that in real terms, NEVER EXISTED, THEY WERE ONLY A HOLOGRAM 2 SERVE US 2 WAKE YOU UP, SO BE IT, SO IT IS, namaste.

Article written by NinaOhman *Arts and Acts 4 Life*





Pollution equals ignorance

Being terrestrial, extraterrestrial or intraterrestrial, a human or an ET race, it doesn’t matter, what you do with your ass and mind matters.


Andromeda constellation where physics 4 planet earth were conceived,

Accelerating the cleanup of our PLANET ALONG WITH ALL ASSES AND MINDS that contributed 2 destroy life, IS A MOST, I’m not a writer and the insulting words I use, it is no purpose so the prostitutes of planet earth are called by their real names, I have written often how  the CIA, POLICE FORCES, ARMIES, SCIENCE AS HEALTH SYSTEM HOSPITALS, UNIVERSITIES AND RELIGIONS, SERVE ONLY ONE PURPOSE, WHICH IS 2 FUCK YOUR LIVES AND THOSE OF YOUR CHILDREN SO YOU BECOME ROBOTIZED 2 HELP THEM 2 DESTROY 85% OF HUMANITY ALONG WITH THE PLANET, why? because thousands of years ago, a reptilian race tried 2 control planet earth, these same fuckers were sent 2 live in quarantine 4ever but they could corrupt humans via the astral mind or soul memory and like this we came 2 have the actual rotten fuckers I named above, contaminating 75% of humanoids on earth, either they are rich, poor, famous, unknown, whores or saints, I came 2 this planet 2 SET THE NEW WORLD ORDER 4 LIFE, this is why all corrupted governments, religions, etc., had this intense DESIRE 2 MURDER ME since the age of 8 years old, happily, my stellar family is everywhere as above as bellow 2 signal DANGER, I get their support no matter what,  there is a UNIVERSAL LAW OF NOT INTERVENTION IN OTHER PLANETS OR STELLAR CIVILISATIONS BUT IF THEIR OWN CULTURE IS IN DANGER, they can intervene physically, this is the case since about 50 years, they come 2 help us 2 stop total destruction of planet earth, they help 2 erase nuclear contamination, chemtrails and they have been assisting me in THE TOTAL TRANSMUTATION BY DNA OF ALL LIVING FORMS ON EARTH, THE NEW WORLD ORDER 4 LIFE, IT IS A FACT, DELETION OF ALL ACTUAL ASSES AND MINDS CONTRIBUTING 2 MURDER, POLLUTION AND GENOCIDE, IT IS A REALITY, these same bastards in form of religions, bankers, military, etc., robotized now by means of wireless technologies, 75% of all humanity, in the case these robots don’t wake up NOW, their fate will be the same as the bastards that designed and impulse humans 2 follow a path 4 DEATH, we harvest what we seed consciously or unconsciously, advanced conscious scientist keep coming on earth 2 learn from US REAL POWER ON EARTH AND 2 SUPPORT US WITH THEIR NOT LETHAL TECHNOLOGIES 4 LIFE,  they are coming in few numbers but incognito, most of the extraterrestrial sightings since the 50’s, were holograms or testing technology by military, CIA, KGB, the fuckers had in mind 2 mislead and create more fear, saying they will protect us from extraterrestrial attacks, their advanced technology developed from real flying saucer’s accidents, allowed the shutting down of space ships and real aliens, 2 make the story short, the good guys can’t come massively, they carry so much radiation that could destroy the whole planet, I am an extraterrestrial that had 2 incarnate, 2 be able 2 accomplish real transmutation of planet earth, but I HADA 2 LIVE MYSELF TOTAL TRANSMUTATION OF MY PHYSICAL BODY SO I COULD ASSIST NATURE 2 IMPOSE LIFE INSTEAD OF DESTRUCTION, everything is done itself, we just have 2 transcend all belief systems and the rest it is done by our OWN KNOWLEDGE AND POWER WITHIN OURSELVES, therefore, 2 defeat evil on earth, I had 2 find the most effective way 2 transcend matter and belief systems at a cellular level so the murderers couldn’t assassinate me, WE ARE ALL UNDESTRUCTABLE DIAMONDS IN ESSENCE, the problem is that fake diamonds that shine only shit and robotize all ignorant minds and asses 2 their image, it’s not actual technologies, science and spirituality, the problem on earth, it is the corrupted use of them that becomes lethal 4 all living life forms on earth, SO I HAD 2 FIND THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY 2 TRANSMUTE THEIR SHIT AND LETHAL WEAPONS INTO GREEN HARMLESS ENERGIES, my work it is not only 4 this planet, in succeeding here on earth, we succeed everywhere, WE ARE A WHOLE SPIRIT IN MANY DISGUISES, ONENESS IS OUR BELONGING, I don’t give a shit if you say I’m crazy or who the hell you think you are, the return of christ? I just can tell you one detail, IF IT WAS NOT 4 THE LOVE AND DEDICATION I HAD ALL MY LIFE TO KICK ASSES AND MINDS, you won’t be even history, the armageddon as depicted by psychics and fuckers HAD HAPPENED, I HAVE THE SUPPORT OF A FEW REAL HUMANS THAT COUNT 2 infinity, so NOW AND ALWAYS, WE ARE A MAJORITY 4 LIFE.

For the record, go organic vegetarian vegan and save millions of lives

Today 05,07,2016, I updated this article written on 2013-09-27, on this same date of September 2013, from 3:00 AM to 5:40 AM, I dreamed about evil extraterrestrials that WERE LOOKING 4 ME 2 ABDOPT ME AND TAKE MY PHYSICAL DNA 2 IMPROVE THEIR DECADENT PHYSICAL BODIES, these stinky asses eat raw death meat or flesh, please don’t compare them 2 sacred animals, they do it 2 survive in the wild so we can be able 2 be on earth, these decadent extraterrestrial or intra-terrestrial fuckers, DO IT 4 PLEASURE, they have advanced science that will allow them 2 create meat and blood at will but they enjoy orgies and human sacrifices, drugging and terrorizing the victim before the killing and consumption of the body, please watch this video about Arizona wilder mother goddess and decide 4 yourselves wether all what she says it is real or as I feel, the fact that she says the fuckers that controlled the world, shapeshift into reptilians, to my knowledge, any physical human or extraterrestrial, can’t do that, because of their believes in murdering inocent babies and people, holographically ony and not in their physical bodies, they shapshift, their data base soul blood lines, are being controlled by the memory of other evil life forms that lived on earth and because they are looking 4 control and they fear 2 die before they control the whole planet or if they desovey the orders of their satanic masters that are not real, they are convinced they have 2 eat humans and perform orgies so they become at the image of their not existent masters as satan and and all what fucking religions, corrupted minds and asses forced ignorant humans 2 belief or program them since their infancy so they could make see this bastards performing their orgies and eating flesh and blood, being literally transformed into reptilian, if they were real reptilians and had real power as it is said that their master eat humans, they had not created the actual genocide with money systems, wars and nuclear radiacion 2 poison themselves and try 2 destroy the planet, , where she tell us how our governments, religions, and science 4 death became worshippers of these extraterrestrial sick races that controlled earth thousands of years ago, she was breaded by her Illuminati parents 2 and forced in her adult life 2  serve as a psychic and conductor of satanic rituals, during these orgies, the members kill, eat and drink flesh and blood, the victims are most of the time newborn babies or  chosen important adults, Princess Diana and Grace Princess of Monaco were among the victims, performing regularly these sacrifices, they think their masters will keep them in POWER places at all levels of society, they operate in secret societies in form of Royal Families, Politicians, Monopolies as Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s, J.P. Morgan, Hollywood Illuminati, Zionist, JESUIT/Vatican, Military leaders, Bankers controlling money systems, etc., nowadays, these fuckers are dying due 2 the fact that their bodies and minds are a decay, consumption of dead meat, makes of a human body a target so bacteria and fungus in form of Cancer eats their disgusting bodies, eliminating them 4ever of any physical life form, sobeitsoitis.

As I said, extraterrestrials and corrupted asses on earth were looking 4 me in my dream, they couldn’t find ME but I FOUND THEM AND KILLED THEM ALL with their own POLLUTION. When I woke up that morning, I finished breakfast at 1:00 PM., by the way breakfast was a disaster, I couldn’t succeed doing my home made tortillas and realized that I did it as always but I didn’t know my invisible extraterrestrial family were telling me 2 stop eating  tortillas, meat or fish (I have been all my life vegetarian but sometimes I needed organic wild animal meat or fish), life was signaling me that I had 2 stop any animal food and become total Vegan-organics, which I DID RIGHT AWAY, because I never watch news, T.V. and al distracting shit available, I didn’t know about Fukushima disaster in 2011 was still active in 2013, the whole planet was contaminated with Fukushima radiation, a tactic 2 pollute our source of food and drinking water, when I wanted 2 do the dishes that afternoon, first  I went to the toilette, I proceeded to brush my teeth, then I open more the window because I was hot, a bee entered and started talking to me by telepathy, signaling the ceiling and flying around me, then I decided to take a glass to caught her and take her out to save her life because I didn’t want the bee 2 be killed by my cat,  when I was supposed to take her, she went to the mirror and made tours around me, the bee went to the lights that were on and told me that a crack on our 2 suns was formed and radiation 4 transformation will be accelerated on Earth 2 help the cleansing of the planet and eliminate destructive asses and minds and then the bee died because she was caught under the burning light, right away I took something 2 take her out and save her (2 me it was always a female bee) life, her wings were burning so I said 2 myself, the bee is dead, I took the bee with a Kleenex and ask  her 4 forgiveness I was not fast enough 2 save her life, I right away started making mantras 2 bring her back 2 life, I did it so strongly that I started seeing her wings moving slowly and I said I couldn’t save you so I decided 2 keep the body but at the same time I said no, it is better 2 through her body outdoors, when I took her outdoors, the bee  flew and went away. As a healer I have done what Christ did in the Bible, I saved personally the lives of many people and animals, by only applying my hands and mind, singing sounds, I cure the person or animal, I also said often 2 people, change your habits into acts and deeds 4 life and eat healthy, live here and now because the past is gone and the future not yet here.

I have been in touch with my stellar family since infancy by telepathy or they enter with permission, the physical body of a human or throughout animals and nature, they assist me, don’t think or feel, this was easy, when I was a child, it was easy, as I grew up, it became more difficult because the system, family, education and friends, never understood any of this and they want me back into the herd, it takes lots of real love,  intelligence and will so we overcome the programming intellect and set free from actual evil societies, but because I am a pure spirit, mind and physical body with no karma and I live here and now, MY CHALLENGE IN LIFE BECAME  EASY ALWAYS, I have foretold 2 friends real events that became a reality but the future of humanity and planet earth, I kept it 2 myself till I realized that I had 2 start communicating the facts of life so YOU READER WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE 4 YOUR, premonitions that someon will die soon, it happened, I discovered I could feel emotions and feelings of other people, whether they were of joy or sorrow, personally pollution and killing life were my big preoccupations on how I was going 2 achieve total DELETION of all those that pollute, torture and kill life, I always knew that people’s suffering comes from not being here and now, either you are in the past or future and not acting 4 what you need 2 achieve or respond in the now so you save first your ass and later help 2 protect the planet by not contributing 2 pollution in any way, IGNORANCE IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE WEAPON 4 DESTRUCTION, WE CAN HAVE IT ALL 4 FREE WITHOUT SCREWING OTHERS, I always was and are able 2 do whatever I DESIRE 4 my wellbeing and that of the planet, even in challenging moments where my own life was threatened by concrete and astral attacks perpetrated by the system, I HAVE CHOSEN LIFE AND MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE, as I told you, I developed consciousness and my psychic abilities became almost a 100% accurate, of course I use them creatively and not as a fortune teller, I KEPT my psychic and living experiences only 2 myself, it was until the age of 30 years old that I started talking about this openly, NOW, I DON’T GIVE A SHIT IF YOUR BELIEVE OR NOT, MY STELLAR FAMILY WITH WHOM I HAVE BEEN IN CONNECTION WITH SINCE THE AGE OF 4 YEARS OLD can’t come in physical body so by means of holographic and telepathy tools, we communicate, they came as holograms many times in my childhood 2 make me live reality at the atomic level, my purpose on earth I always knew it, even in details I knew in advance my destiny and that our planet will be cleaned up of asses and minds that brought it almost 2 total destruction, History always talks about great fucking evil asses that created wars, I talk about GETTING RID OF THESE ASSES 4 EVER, in a future not far, even HISTORY AS WE KNOW IT, WON’T EXIST, we will live always 4 TODAY, TAKING CARE OF OUR PARADISE ON EARTH, I do it since always, so can you.

The MIRACLE OF LIFE BACK 2 EARTH, I became an expert MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE and I am happy 2 say, with no help or support of almost anybody but on my own, those that were supposed 2 give some support as blood family, relationships and friends, when they had nothing 2 profit from me, SAID, I DON’T KNOW YOU.

I lost it all since I gave birth to 30 stellar babies, check this link and learn how planet earth DNA was changed 4ever along with that of humans remaining on this planet,, When my stellar family from Andromeda, Pleiades and Orion came in 2013, THEY DISRUPTED totally my life; I was recovering from a lethal attack towards me, done in 2009 by actual governments and religions, they tried 2 kill me with beam radiation laser technology, the same technology they used 2 kill Dr. Rauni Kilde, assassinated in 2014,, I didn’t know that my stellar family came 2 prevent and make act 2 stop the genocide going by means of wireless devices as cell phones, chemtrails, smart meters, satellites, etc., they came 2 intervene directly in my daily life, putting something into my food so I won’t eat it anymore or let me know that pollution and viruses throughout my computer were sent 2 harm me, from that day on I never ate the few organic wild meat and fish I was having, the way they made me understand the fucking threat our planet was facing with NUCLEAR POLLUTION in 2013, IT WAS AMAZING, I had 2 leave apartments contaminated with mold and fungus (I changed apartment 3 times within a year, I stayed in another one a year that had other problems and then decided 2 leave Canada 4ever, when I visited the first apartment, it seemed great 2 me but before I moved, a weak asshole, came 2 inhabit the apartment above me, evil ET’s came 2 manipulate my neighbour and make him do things so my roof and walls on my bathroom became all wet, fungus and mold installed themselves, now in 2016, I know that the ET’s never came 2 harm me in 2012, IT WAS THE FUCKING NANO AND WIRELESS CELL PHONES, used massively in each apartment of 40 people there that fucked my physical body, today 17/12/2016, I’M HEALED AND DESTROYING THESE DEVICES AS MUCH AS I CAN ALONG WITH THE ASSES AND MINDS USING THEM, SOBEITSOITIS, today I know that microwaves emissions, are the number one polluter and evil manipulation 2 humans worldwide, I spent 3 months there, left and find another place contaminated and another.

I lived from 2003 until now, total transmutation by SUN NATURAL RADIATION and intensive astral and concrete attacks towards my physical body, my thinking experience, stopped when transmutation was over, so my mind is in total transparence and peaceful, therefore, they can’t attacked me astrally or by the mind but they use other intellectual minds and asses as family members, friends and all that can desturb my ordinary physical life but I always find the solution 4 all that happens and I end up winning all conflicts and issues, transmutation by solar energy, it is awesome but terrible at the same time,if you have 2 much ego, vanity and pride, it is sure with the help of the actual technology, transgenics and nuclear poison, ANY PERSON LIVING THIS TRANSMUTATION WILL DIE OF CANCER, 2 of the greatest being on earth capable of surviving it and when my time here on earth is completed, I WON’T DIE PHYSICALLY, I WILL TAKE MY BODY WITH ME, DUE 2 THE FACT THAT I TRANSMUTED AT A CELLULAR LEVEL and I will be able 2 adapt it 2 the new admosphere were came from, this procedure was accomplish by Jesus of Nazareth, the leaders of all religions or vatican fuckers, tells you another version of the real truth so you live in FEAR, thinking that when you die, you go 2 hell or heaven, the bible, it is 80% a total lie, so decide if you live of lies or you wake up now 2 the real life where there is no heaven nor hell, the hell or heaven, you are living it now.

Do you know about real avatars or conscious beings as Sri Aurobindo, Bernard de Montreal, myself and Daniel Kemp? no, you know about the corrupted religious fuckers, lecturers that 4 money, they brain wash your minds and asses, I am giving you all my life experience and tools 4 FREE, take or leave it, I DON’T CARE, but be ready 2 leave 4 hell or heaven here and now according 4 what you qualify, I met personnaly Daniel Kemp and assisted to 6 conferences of Bernard de Montreal, later I just communicated telepathically with his spirit because I left 2 leave at the countryside, I was in Mexico when I knew he died, later when I came back 2 Quebec, I visited a book store and I was told oficially that he died of cancer and gave his last conference 3 days before he died, his body is gone but he expresses himself now through me and may other conscious beings worldwide, IN REAL TERMS WHEN YOU REACHED CONSCIOUSNESS, YOU BECOME ETERNAL, your body can die but you come back in another body or receptacle and this 4ever until you decide 2 change life, etc., if a good person didn’t reach consciousness while alive, reincarnation in another body/soul, it won’t be possible again on this planet, due 2 the fact that PLANET EARTH IS ALREADY IN FIFTH DIMENTION, which means the change, we are one mind and body here on earth, splited human energies between female and male, are not allowed anymore, division on earth is not accepted, we all real humans and animals left, we will be able 2 BECOME HERMAPHRODITES AND GIVE BIRTH WHEN NEEDED, this was how earth was 4 humans at the time of LEMURIA CIVILIZATION but this time no fuckers will come 2 intervine in our development period.

When transmutation hit me, I had 2 digest all my egocentricity, little karma of my soul/data memory I had of a few lives I had here from birth 2 death, I had 2 understand that ignorance is the mother and father of all robotic minds and asses contributing 2 the massive destruction of our planet and that I was the only one capable of protecting nature, animals and all humans working 4 life or attempting 2 come 2 real transmutation, when transmutation or solar ignition falls on you, it is your own divine spirit or christ energy that impose you, transparence and makes act 4 life or you die of Cancer and you have 2 come back again and start the whole process of understanding what you are here 4, that it is why, I did it once and 4 all, this transmutation happens 2 any spritual advanced human being that wants 2 GO BEYOND THE FUCKING ROBOTIC MIND, in other words, if your spirit, the real master of body and mind, decides you are ready? it will hit you sooner or later, but 4 this you have 2 be alive and healthy, do you want 2 BECOME CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF, 2 BE THE MASTERS OF ALL WORLDS? 2 know it all, it is awesome, you realize then that all actual astral attacks, corrupted societies, etc., ARE PURE HOLOGRAMS but now with actual lethal technologies, pollution, etc., THE ATTACKS BECOME REAL AND IF YOU DON’T PROTECT YOURSELVES, YOU END UP DEAD BEFORE YOUR TIME OR YOU HAVE 2 COME BACK 2 COMPLETE YOUR TASK, that is why I DECIDED 2 DELETE THE FUCKERS AND STAY HERE ON EARTH AS THE MASTER OF THE WORLD.

When Solar Igniciation hits you, it burns all what it won’t be needed anymore, believe systems, programmed cells in your physical body, etc.,  throughout the IGNICIATION and as I said often, if you don’t die of Cancer, YOU ARE REBORN INTO WHAT YOU REALLY ARE A SINGLE BEING AND PART OF ALL THAT IS, YOU BECOME REAL LOVE, INTELLIGENCE AND WILL, YOUR DECREES 4 LIFE, ARE ORDERS, in conclusion, you become THE MASTER OF ALL WORLDS 4 LIFE, the ordinary artificial world does not interest you, only creativity and acts 2 stop supporting destruction worldwide and in the whole local universe, becomes imperatives.

Cancer killing millions of people on our planet, it is not the natural cancer caused by Sun transmutation or too much movement, fish often have cancer due 2 constant movement in water, many athletes, die of cancer also caused by too much exercise, in life we need times of action and times of stillness, modern diseases as Cancer, Alzheimer, Diabetes, etc., were conceived in laboratory by our corrupted establishment worldwide, evil Nazi Zionists scientists created the disease and started developing Nuclear energy 2 poison planet earth, the agenda 2 exterminate 75% of humans on the planet, exists since the time of Jesus of Nazareth, he is (I say is because 2 me he or she are right here in us) a real warrior conscious being and not the lies told in invented fucking Bibles so you live in fear and stay poor of real wealth, at the time as now that they kill valuable people, they had in mind 2 kill Jesus of Nazareth because he was awakening humankind, he transmuted consciousness as I did and crucifixion is total Fiction, they couldn’t kill him, his legacy reached us all and now he is back in FEMININE PHYSICAL FORM 2 ELIMINATE THE FUCKERS OF LIFE.

NATURAL SUN RADIATION is lethal if coming 2 us directly, this is why we had the Ozone layer 2 protect us, with the atomic bomb and industrial fossil non-renewables energies, the fuckers created a war machine 4 death and destruction, the ozone layer was cracked so a majority of humans and animal life could get Cancer and transmit the disease by DNA, most diseases, nowadays, were conceived in laboratories by the establishment with the purpose 2 CONTROL YOU, the fuckers are so desperate 2 find ways of controlling you because all their powers have been disabled as well as their arsenal of nuclear pollution, etc., control still exists 4 those that are stupid enough 2 be part of this killing machine called wars and conflicts, created from A to Z as a way of gaining riches 4 a few asses and poverty 4 the rest of humans, that is why, I SAY FUCK THE SYSTEM AND SUPPORT DESTRUCTION OF ALL ACTUAL GOVERNMENTS, all modern diseases as HIV, Cancer, Alzheimer, Diabetes, etc., were introduce in people’s bodies via vaccines, orthodox medication, chemtrials and Chernobyl/Fukushima non-accidents, all with the purpose 2 poison our food and water supply, when I realized the massacre done 2 our planet, I started acting at once, I BECAME RADIATION ITSELF 2 help eliminate all monopolies and asses that were killing life, I radiate you 4 life or 4 death, you chose, I just take the list were you are in, you pollute and fuck others, you die, you assist me with beauty, arts and deeds 4 life, I become your protector 4 life.

Now I return 2 my dream story again, extraterrestrial and also very ordinary people came in space ships looking 4 me specifically, first I was hiding, later I said 2 myself, they are not real is a dream, I am all the powers in the universe, they never found me but I found them and killed them all with LOVING RADIATION and sometimes fighting 2 death in the dream, the fact is that IN MANY DREAMS LIKE THIS ONE, I ENDED UP ALWAYS WINING ALL BATTLES, I live without evil money systems since 22 years, check this link:,

Destruction and pollution, are there in the first place because 85% of ignorant humans suffer from one and only disease called EGOCENTRICITY, this disease has many disguises, greed, religious fanatic behaviour, vanity, evil government money system, science 4 deathand religion 4 and control, within this society system, you have 2 work and pay establishment 2 maintain you in poverty, vanity gave birth 2 a variety of fields from where you become a sick mind and a danger 4 life, in the name of cosmetics, you murdered and torture animals, in the name of God and money incentive, you go and commit genocide, in the name of industrial progress, you support POLLUTING NO RENEWABLE FOSSILS, MONSANTO’S GMO’S, radiated foods and drinks, etc., MOST ARTS BECAME ARTIFICIAL FUEL 4 ROBOTIZING CREATIVITY. Know that supporting shit, you become another puppet’s show entertainment 4 another set of puppets, if you LIVE HERE AND NOW, you will act in the best interest of all life, protecting environment and not contributing 2 DESTRUCTION, this ignorant Reptilian race that invaded the planet in the time of Lemuria’s Continent were kicked out of earth by another more powerful race also exterminated from this planet by another race fighting 2 take control of earth, finally universal law was applied and the galactic council federation of Andromeda intervened 2 take everybody out and set the evolutionary agenda 4 planet earth, now coming 2 an end, our planet is being cleaned up from lethal contamination and disabling all war nuclear weapons, THE PUPPETS SHOW IS OVER, no more power 2 serve death and destruction, THE ARMAGUEDON won’t happen and all these minds and asses that created chaos and destruction ARE MEANT 2 BE DELETED FROM ANY LIFE FORM not only on this planet but in our whole galaxy.

Division, fear and control, serve death, Arts and acts 4 life, serve creativity, at the time of Lemuria or Mu Continent, humans on earth were hermaphrodites, this evil reptilian race separated them genetically so they could manipulate them better, later on, when this race left our world forced by galactic councils, etc., evolution created a new race called Atlantis, this civilization or red race became expert on astral and technological advancement at the cost of killing life on earth, worshiping the male energy and bringing their civilization 2 destruction and chaos, after them a new civilization came which is our glamorous and actual world that was arriving 2 the same fate that had Atlantis, only this time, great conscious human beings incarnated earth 2  bring consciousness of the necessity 2 ACT NOW 4 LIFE, I AM ONE OF THEM, this is why secret societies in form of actual governments, religions and science, FOLLOW prophecies and use intelligence without real love, doing this, if a conflict or war was fortold, they planned it 2 make real and maintain you as a slave, IF YOU DON’T DO WHAT RELIGION SAYS OR MORAL PROTOCOLS, GOD WILL PUNISH YOUR OR WE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU, only these evil asses had the right 2 rich government leaders whores, peudophilia, etc., destroying you or making of you a slave 4 life so you support them with your acts and deeds destroying life, out of pure VANITY, all whores could do whatever they pleased 2 FUCK YOU.

The reason why I BECAME A THREAT 4 ACTUAL EVIL ESTABLISHMENT AND THE REASON WHY THEY WANTED 2 MURDER ME, It’s simple, I CAME 2  DESTROY EVIL ON THIS PLANET AND I HAVE SUCCEEDED THE TASK, no power in the universe can manipulate or control the power of LIFE, I AM STAR SEEDING 4 LIFE and if you want 2 be part of life, your seed has 2 be life, I am not from this planet, I came from Andromeda, Pleiades, Orion, Great Bear and Sirius 2 change divided humans into a whole life force, those that will resist are doomed 4ever from any physical life form here on earth, when we are a whole being, we become hermaphrodite in our energy field only, later on with transmutation at a cellular level, females won’t need the spermatozoid 2 achieve pregnancy (I AM AN EXCEPTION IN THIS LIFETIME BECAUSE I CAME literally 2 change your corrupted DNA, after transmutation, I conceived myself 30 HUMAN STELAR BABIES WITHOUT SEX INTERCOURSE and without KARMIC MEMORIES), thank you 4 visiting this page and check this link, you may get it all 4 free?,

By Dammebleu, *Arts and Acts 4 Life*

Let’s make of money systems and corruption history

maya en largo - copia

Corrupted actual societies on planet earth are destined 2 become extinct species 4ever, so be it, so it is, let’s work together 4 life and get all that we need 4 free being UBUNTUTAO REVOLUTION and organic biodegradable foods and products that you will harvest from your own land with self-sufficient energies that will cost us zero money.

What I am about to tell you here is what Sixto Rodriguez calls cold facts of our corrupted world at all levels of actual governments, education, religion, etc., MONEY SYSTEMS, VANITY, GREED, MICROWAVE TECHNOLOGIES AND ACTUAL INVENTED RELIGIONS, THEY ARE THE SOURCE OF ACTUAL GENOCIDE AND TRANSHUMANISM OF 85% OF HUMANS, INTO BIO-ROBOTS, therefore, the puppet’s show most be over 4ever, take out money systems and religions from our world and the problem of corruption will be over 4 good, these 2 institutions robotized humankind with the incentive of becoming rich and powerful, creating wars and conflicts that never existed in people’s mind, all with the purpose 2 make of humans slaves by  manipulating them via money assets, private property, invented wars, religions and conflicts, GODS AND DEMONS, DON’T EXIST IN REAL TERMS BUT YOU MAKE THEM REAL WHEN YOU KILL, POLLUTE AND BELIEVE IN A MALE GOD OR FUCKING POLITICAL LEADER THAT RECEIVED HIS OR HER SHARE OF STOLEN RICHES FROM THE MONOPOLIES AS are the Rothchild, Rockefeller, JP Morgan, Illuminati, Free Masson, Prior of Sion dinasties that corrupted religions and education institutions 2 a point that if we real world order 4 life don’t act immediately 2 protect nature and contribute 2 eliminate nuclear waste and pollution, you won’t exist anymore, now it is your turn 2 become a light worker or die 4ever.


Don’t fight the system, instead become free of the fucking prison grid by being UBUNTUTAO, I NinaOhman became my own teacher, my own doctor, my own friend and by LIVING MONEYLESS TRADING GOODS AND SERVICES, I BECAME THE MASTER OF ALL WORLDS, SO CAN YOU, as I told you before, I became my own doctor since about 50 years and I just discovered in 2018 by internet on youtube, PaidalAJIN with Master Hong Chi Xiao healing,,Official Website:, this self-healing of slaping and stretching your body, GAVE ME INMMEDIAT RESULTS IN 2 MONTHS, of course, I eat healthy fully raw organic vegetables, fruits and nuts exclusively for about 3 months, this plus Tai-chi 4 arthritis with Dr Paul Lam, made the difference of recovering totally from electromagnetic microwave shit, chemtrails, etc., now I can say goodbye 2 the walker I used 4 walking since I came back 2 Mexico, let me tell you that the actual genocide worldwide have destroyed 85% of mexicans via cell phones, vaccins, hospitals, medication, Monsanto’s shit foods, actual religion here and the puppets show of actual dictatorship here in Mexico as well in any country that didn’t wake up from this horrible dream, therefore, since always, I never supported these assholes named above and dictatorship, religions and science 4 death, even if these fuckers and their technology continues 2 try 2 kill me, all their efforts, are in vain because their shit is return 2 them, destroying their tech 4 murder as well as their disgusting ugly bodies and minds, sobeitsoitis.

Check this video,, Kameran Fally explains how actual corrupted money systems and monopolies that hold money that don’t even exist but as a big lie making you work 4 the MATRIX that became a robotic genocide 4 all those that don’t understand that money, religion and actual governments, IT’S A TOTAL MANIPULATION 2 MAINTAIN YOU A SLAVE OF THEIR EVIL AGENDAS 4 DEATH.

Nature gives us everything 4 free, therefore, claim your rights by being A FREE BEING ON PLANET EARTH.


There are lots of alternatives 2 have a quality life respecting the environment, I live without money since about 20 years and let me tell you that my LIFE BECAME RICHER THAN LIVING ACCORDING 2 ACTUAL EVIL ESTABLISHMENT, WHICH IS A BUNCH OF LIES AND CONTROL. Health and happiness are 4 free.

My personal education was learned at the University of life experience, I learned from life and not sitting on a chair learning from books, nature, animals and those humans that work 4 life were my teachers that guided me 2 find by myself what is real and what is fake live your life with integrity and follow always a path that has heart, intelligence and will, this way, you will never be misled from your purpose and ultimate fulfilment of what you really are and what you came 2 accomplish on this lifetime.


By becoming vegetal revolution not only you will need little money while you get your own ecological house with land 4 real food and solar panels free of charge, I’m never sick but when there was an attempt 2 murder me in 2009 with Microwave laser beam technologies, I healed myself with sound, vegan and full raw foods and drinks, arts and music are tools 4 healing your physical and mental bodies, becoming a transmuted being that can’t be influenced by any asshole or mind on planet earth, it is possible, I did it, so can you, our so called civilized world, it is, in fact, a bunch of criminals occupying religious post, government post, education institutions, either by hereditary money assets or by royalty riches that were put on a paper as owners of this planet while 85% of humans work as slaves 4 them, now because of microwave technology, the fuckers of this world can try 2 kill or robotize you by means of Nano and Laser microwave technologies, chemtrails, etc., check this link and you will understand what am I talking about here,

Melanie Vritcschan, remote assassination,,

Becoming self-sufficient in all what you do, paying the less evil money 2 buy goods and services, are the key 2 real freedom, these are some tips I applied to myself in my personal and public life:

#1 life is not a thinking experience but a feeling experience, apply in the NOW 3 principals 2 all what you do, love is the ultimate truth and when applied with intelligence and will, YOU BECOME CREATION ITSELF, life is not easy if we are conditioned by society, religion and establishment, what the outside human world give us 4 free, it’s CONTROL, FEAR AND GENOCIDE, what life give us 4 free, 0 money payment, it’s PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IN FORM OF REAL POWER.

You see to me HELL exists in each of us if we live robotic lives, HEAVEN exists if we apply in the NOW WITH CREATIVE DEEDS THAT WON’T POLLUTE THIS PLANET, the choice is YOURS, 75% of humanoids live in total ignorance polluting the planet in their daily lives because they were easy prey 4 the establishment, the good news is that  in FACT, WHOEVER THE FUCKERS ARE, they have no power whatsoever and they need YOU 2 ACCOMPLISH DESTRUCTION, POLLUTION, ETC., now the so called crème de la crème advanced CIVILIZATION AND TECHNOLOGY, are totally powerless, depends on your daily choices if you stay one of them or you joint us 2 make of this planet a paradise 4 free.

936058_10152615587512069_5359483224778099481_nDon’t support evil as these puppets above and you will become a worker 4 life

Look 4 Real Fulfillment in this world of fake successes and artificial life, Real Love is vital to get what you need, a baby or child cries to get attention so the parents or caretakers will feed her/him, etc., it is the same for all what we do latter either as a teenager or adult, we have 2 give 2 ourselves this love first and later, we can take all the real love offered by others, even homeless people look, 4 real love, the system offers second-hand foster homes, if this is no good, homeless people prefer 2 live in open air than suffering prejudice and usage of them 4 testing lethal drugs, etc., real love is your right 4ever, CLAIM IT, we find we can’t live without real love, getting love from humans, IT’S ALMOST A REAL QUEST, getting it from life, it is EASY, love is creation itself in form of the divine fire from which PHYSICAL WORDS ARE CREATED, invented religions, impulse you to believe in a fucking male god that created all so you can’t set really free, go beyond the fucking robotic mind and find out 4 yourself that there is not such GOD but multiple GODDESSES IN YOU, FEMININE ENERGY DOES NOT DESTROY, male actual patriacal currupted asses and mind try 2 conquer or invade countries, inventing wars and contries as you can see in the picture bellow.


Real Intelligence makes you see both sides of the game so you act 4 life, getting a green job that contributes to life and doesn’t support pollution in any way is an imperative, real wealth is 2 be multi-tasks and DIY if you can, this way it cost nothing,  become self-sufficient and get green energies directly from the sun 4 free and say goodbye 2 electricity bills, by the way, ALL THE BILLS YOU PAY, THE FUCKERS GOT IT 4 FREE, later they decided to put a price so you work hard all your life and become part of this evil system designed 2 FUCK YOU UP UNTIL YOU DIE.

Real Will or Strength is the soul and spirit fuel so nobody messes with you and respect you, of course, if a situation out of your control arises, you respond 2 it and not react 2 it, REACTION IS THE SOURCE OF DIFFICULTIES AND CAN MAKE YOU SICK AND POWERLESS, if you apply in your daily live these 3 universal laws, real love, real intelligence and real will, I assure you, you will make it in this lifetime 4 good.

#2 Our sun has changed, there is always a crack where light comes in, says Leonard Cohen’s song, well it is true, the Sun has a crack where lethal radiation and loving sound frequencies arrive 2 our planet 2 erase or protect you depending on your behaviour and actions 4 death or life, if you work 4 life and protect yourself from chemtrailing pollution, set off the fucking greed, etc., you will become immortal and infinity is your destiny, the rest of robotic asses and minds are already species in total deletion 4ever, sobeitsoitis.

As you may not know, the idea of sound by feminine frequencies that dominate our physical or ether worlds, created all spheres as the sun 4 purposes of developing physical life and bring us 2 real consciousness that WE ALL LIVING SPECIES, WE ARE ONE AND ONLY BEING, when I say you should live 3 universal principles as love, intelligence and will as the flower of life in Egypt shows the trinary technology we should embrace 4 life, Albert Einstain compromized the whole planet with his relativity theory and the problem was that he probably was hooked by the corrupted elite famous and rich fuckers, SOUND GOES FASTER THAN LIGHT AND ORIGINAL THOUGHT OR THE VERBE INCARNATED IS EQUAL 2 SOUND/LOVE/INTELLIGENCE AND WILL FREQUENCY, therefore as the Tao says, there is not an end nor a start, everything is there 4 the first time if we live in harmony creating 4 life, free of the fucking MATRIX that became 85% of humanoids on planet earth period, WE ARE INFINITIY IN POTENTIAL IF ONLY WE START LIVING THE NOW, stay in the past or future and become nothingness, so be it, so it is.


As you can see in this picture above, the CIA trains terrorist so they impersonate Osama Bing Laden Akaeda, Isis, etc., all with the intent 2 gain more control on human’s lives and perpetuating slavery and genocide, FOLLOW THE MONEY OF ANY CONFLICT CREATED AND FIND THE TRUTH, take out money systems, actual marderous religions, governments, medication 4 death and all that can be sold or purchase and LIFE ON THIS PLANET BECOMES A PARADISE because there will be no hint TO FIGHT 4, NO DESIRE 2 FUCK PEOPLE’S LIFE, NO DESIRE 2 KILL ANIMALS 4 FOOD, ETC.

#3 Do not work at places where you are exposed to high doses of radiation and pollution, even if the payment is glorious, at the end you die young and sick, I HAVE BEEN LIVING WITHOUT MONEY 4 MORE THAN 23 YEARS NOW IN 2018 AND IT FEELS GREAT NOT 2 HAVE ANYTHING 2 LOSE ANYMORE, when I was attacked by Nano and Laser beam technologies in 2009, the fuckers made more strong and now all decrees 2 erase them 4ever from being again in any life form, IT IS A FACT, the same weapon used 2 kill Dr. Rauni Kilde assassinated in 2014 because she was bringing consciousness and health to the world, it was applied on me from a helicopter while I was walking the streets of a town in British Columbia,, after several attacks 2 murder me since 52 years, I BECAME THE ABSOLUTE MONARCH NOT ONLY ON PLANET EARTH BUT THE WHOLE UNIVERSE, you can become also the return of Maitreya or real Christ that was never crucified by being one of us and working 4 life only, I LIVED TOTAL TRANSMUTATION BY SUN INGNITION, I AM PART OF ANDROMEDA’S COUNCIL 2 CHANGE THE CURSE OF THIS PLANET INTO A PARADISE 4 FREE, SOBEITSOITIS.


No matter the situation in my life, I am always a piece warrior 4 life, I enjoy life and prefer 2 be poor than compromising and support evil, my advice is simple, you should work at what you enjoy, don’t work at polluted and closed places where there is not clean air, there is always a better job waiting for you, become your OWN BOSS, trust yourself that if you quit or are fired, you will always get something better, most of the time, we unconsciously desire 2 quit or 2 be fired, have the guts 2 find a better job or source of revenue, never discourage yourself of anything, while we are alive, there is always a way 2 find the right solution to a problem, 2 have hopes and projects of a better life is the only thing that depends on us and nobody can’t take that away from you.

#4 Now we are totally exposed 2 pollution in form of lethal radiation, done on purpose with Chernobyl and Fukushima, the atomic bomb longed by the Americans in alliance with Nazi London Bankers, Vatican and all economic powers that produced all wars from A to Z to fuck us all, this was meant to kill innocent Japanese people and let know the Soviets that they had the lethal weapon, YOU SEE THESE FEW ASSHOLES PLAY A REAL WAR GAME USING YOU and making you believe as David Icke says, you went 2 war 2 save your country, etc., they create problem-reaction-solution, YOU GO 2 WAR 2 KILL PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW OR BE KILLED BY THEM, you do the dirty job 4 all assholes in government, religious and military, ALL 4 NOTHING THEN 2 FUCK YOUR LIFE 4EVER, arms and weapons used in wars are also a great income as well as economic crashes, etc., all this in the name of money that never existed because you have 2 continue working until you die and pay them 2 make you sick and have an average life.

#5 If you have a home and garden, grow your own organic foods, how you feed yourself, how you live and how you manage stress are huge factors, eat healthy with balance and TRADE OR BUY AT LOW PRICES, what you can get organic, get it, carrots, broccoli, celery, potatoes and apples, contain 23 chemical additives 2 produce them massively at low prices, GMO’s are lethal 2 your health, chemical fertilizers are horrible, you eat all that now with nuclear radiation added 2 your diet, don’t ask me why most of the time, orthodox Doctors or Hospital, never find what you have until is too late.

 #6 The most important factor of life is KNOWING BY YOURSELF FACTS OF LIFE, being happy and going green, supporting what is good for all life including yours, feed from your own knowledge, express your real you, don’t accept already man made religions, establishment and belief systems, know from yourself what you need and focus on positive creative insight, apply it to your daily life no matter the situation you are in, REAL ARTS AS MUSIC, PAINTING, ETC., lift your energy and stamina 2 not let it go with what this artificial human world condition you with, nature and real human beings are there 2 support you.

oil on canvas 2th period94

 #7 Cancer is mostly a psychosomatic disease implanted in mothers genes so they pass the illness to the newborn babies, later in adulthood if these adults behave as expected by evil corrupted governments and science, you develop the Cancer gene that your carry, if you don’t believe it and eat healthy organic foods and drinks becoming at least vegetarian, you can be sure that this is your last life on this planet because of the microwave technology you use that is turning yourself into a bio-robot, erasing your soul or data base 4 a near reincarnation either on this planet or another location in our galaxy.

Don’t feel forced 2 eat the shit that actual food and drinks monopolies as MONSANTO’S ROTHCHILD MONOPOLIES OFFERS YOU, plus the psycho effects of fear, anxiety, hatred guilt, etc., given 2 you via cell phones, actual invented religions, psychotronic weapons, chemtrails, smart dust, etc., return 2 nature and animals sacred behaviour, do Tai-chi, dance, Qigong, meditation or any natural harmonious mouvement or exercise ( too much movement and exercise also damage your health, most fish develop cancer due 2 constant movement, we need times of action and times of stillness, the bicycle champion, Armstrong, he had 2 train so much 4 so long since he won “Le tour de France” about 5 times that he developed cancer).

Transmutation by sun energies can give you cancer too if you don’t become as spontaneous, intelligent and impose respect when needed, I almost died with this transmutation besides the fact of different attacks with laser NANO MICROWAVE TECHNOLOGIES that are disabled now from working towards us real-world order 4 life, idiots that want 2 kill themselves with these nowadays evil toys as are cell phones, medication, money systems, religious beliefs, etc., go ahead and destroy yourselves 4ever along with this shit, so be it, so it is, 4 those that work 4 life and live respecting our diversity, you too have 2 protect yourselves when you live the awakening and sun espirit fulls on you as it happened 2 me, some of the greatest human beings that I met personally, died due to the SOLAR TRANSMUTATION, this process arrives 2 you when ready 2 live it and it burns literally all belief systems until you know 4 yourself what is real and what is an invention 2 fuck your life, vanity in many disguises is the fucker number one 2 mislead you.

Solar transmutation is done at a cellular level and SET YOU REALLY FREE from the prison we all humans were in, now you have the chance 2 chose death or life, I PATH THE WAY 2 HEAVEN ON EARTH 4 YOU, the ticket cost only CONSCIOUSNESS OF ALL WHAT YOU DO 4 LIFE,  when ready you can’t do nothing 2 stop it, BUDDHA, QUETZALCOATL, CHRIST AND all BEINGS THAT TRANSCENDED MATTER, had 2 live it until they became EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS, in other words, greatness doesn’t come with success, greed and being a saint whore as all religions became, humbleness, power and compassion 4 all life is, in fact, the tool needed, not identifying you with artificial actual glamorous fucking society, gives the ticket 2 REAL ACHIEVEMENT, WE BECOME ONE WITH ALL THAT IS, if you are still alive after fighting all adversities, greatness and the whole ignorant systems trying 2 eliminate you, YOU ARE 4EVER FREE AND PEACEFUL, life becomes extraordinary and we live always 4 today, there is no yesterday or tomorrow, of course I make plans and projects, especially if I am in a situation that became hell because I don’t have my own home and had 2 share with ignorant family members that want 2 make their law by no respecting others, polluting and using chemical perfumes 2 harm me (this is the case I was in since about 8 months and that comes to an end in a month, youpppiiii)

antrim Ireland

WHEN YOU TRANSMUTE, LIFE IS ALWAYS TODAY, MIND IS EMPTY AND WHAT I HAVE 2 SAY OR DO, IT IS DONE, WHAT I HAVE 2 COMMUNICATE I DO IT WITHOUT ANY DOUBTS OR THINKING PROCESSES OR CONCEPTS, I CAN’T THINK ANYMORE, my way of communication is done automatically by my hands that type and my pituitary gland that talks silently o by the voice, IT IS WONDERFUL AND AT THE SAME TIME I HAVE 2 BE ALERT AT ANY ATTEMPT OF MURDER TOWARDS MY PERSON AND LIFE ITSELF, as the activist and protector of life that I became since the age of 3 years old, I BECAME THE NUMBER ONE WANTED PERSON ON THIS PLANET, but the fact that now WE REAL POWER ON EARTH ARE MULTIPLIED TO THE INFINITE, the real number one wanted fuckers of life will be put 2 DEATH PENALTY 4EVER. sobeitsoitis.


Adventure and challenge have been always part of my wonderful life even in the most critical events, WE MADE IT 4 ETERNITY, I say we made it, because since I HAVE COMPLETED MY TRANSMUTATION, I’m no longer I, WE ARE ALL LIVING BEING A WHOLE AND UNDIVIDABLE BEING, thank you 4 visiting this page, check 4 more at these links,,

NinaOhman “Arts and Acts 4 Life”

Cruelty to animals is a fact

Animal cruelty is a fact worldwide 4 the sake of orthodox science and poisoned carnivorous ignorant death eaters, don’t forget that now worldwide, you can be vegetarian and be totally healthy, I became totally vegan in 2013, due to Fukushima no accident but done on purpose so all oceans were contaminated, once water ocean is evaporated by heat, winds bring acid radiation water to the whole planet, therefore, no organic harvest and clean water will be available 4 all forms of life on the Earth, happily, since 2015, WE WORKERS 4 LIFE ALONG WITH EXTRATERRESTRIAL HELP OF BENEVOLENT HUMANS, THE PLANET IT’S ALMOST CLEANED, the continuous pollution happening, as it happens, automatically, it is been disable, no matter what GOVERNMENT POPPETS AND IGNORANT ASSES DO, it will only TURN AGAINST THEMSELVES INDIVIDUALLY UNTIL NOTHING NOT EVEN MEMORY OF BLOOD EVIL LINEAGES REMAIN ON EARTH AND OUR GALAXY, SOBEITSOITIS.

What is done 2 animals and nature, it’s a total horror, all this because humans and memory blood lines of ACTUAL ROYAL AND RELIGION EVIL BLOOD LINES, SERVED DESTRUCTION, BEING THEM THE FIRST ASSES AND MINDS 2 BE DESTROYED 4EVER WITH NO RETURN 2 ANY LIFE FORM, SOBEITSOITIS, humanity as we know it here on Earth, IT IS ONLY A TEMPORARY PROGRAM 4 EVOLUTIONARY PORPUSES, but during this evolution,  ASTRAL NEGATIVE MEMORIES, CAN MANIPULATE YOU WITH FEAR AND NOT REAL FACTS OR NOWADAYS WITH REAL NANO AND LASER TECHNOLOGIES 4 DEATH OR 2 SAVE YOUR LIFE, THE MAIN MANIPULATION WE KNOW, IT IS THE INVENTED BIBLE, with some real FACTS AND MOST OF 70%, FAKE DOGMAS AND CONTROLLING INVENTED FACTS,  the only actual GOD, it is, NATURE, you kill it, you DIE 4EVER, now regarding planet earth, corruption it is generalized, therefore, all humans are and were manipulated by no living bone and flex minds, ANY EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL OR INTRATERRESTRIAL corrupted royalty and rich monopolies blood lines here on earth, MADE OF BONE AND FLEX, WERE THE #1 THREAD 4 US, NOW THEY ARE FINISHED AND THEMSELVES WILL EXTERNIMATE IN A FEW YEARS WITH THE HELP OF MOTHER NATURE, some are not physical, but mother nature does not chose, VOLCANOES AND ALL MEANS 2 CLEAN THIS PLANET, ARE AT WORK AS I WRITE, ALL ACTUAL NUCLEAR AND WARS, POLLUTION, DRUGS AND SHIT, ARE BEING DISABLE 4EVER, SOBEITSOITIS,  due to this fact, all corrupted governments still try 2 manipulate you, making you 2 vote 4 nothing, since the same IGNORANT ASSES, COME 2 POWER, BUT NOT 4 LONG, not incarnated ASSES USE YOU WITHOUT EVEN YOU NOTICE, they make addicted 2 GMO’s, contaminated water with Fluoride, orthodox medication 4 death, etc. worldwide actual controlled governments, science and religions, are put in POWER  JUST 2 FOLLOW ORDERS AND INVENT CONFLICTS, KILL MASSIVELY PEOPLE AND NATURE, ETC., THESE ARE  WHAT YOU CALL THE ILLUMINATI, VATICAN, COMMON WEALTH, PENTAGON, CIA, JESUIT CRIMINALS AND SCIENCE 4 DESTRUCTION, WHAT YOU DON{T KNOW, IT IS THAT IF YOU ARE BEYOND CORRUPTED MINDS AND MIND CONTROL by propaganda, implants of NANO TECHnOLOGIES, ETC., YOU CAN’T BE CONTROLLED OR MANIPULATED, THEREFORE, YOUR DNA WILL NOT BE CHANGED OR CORRUPTED, why? because you CONTROL YOURSELVES AND NOTHING CAN’T INFLUENCE YOU OR MAKE YOU BELIEVE IN INVENTED RELIGIONS, SCIENCE 4 MURDER, GENOCIDE, ETC. (science and all actual raw materials 4 life, can be used 2 kill and create wars, transform foods and drink into poison 4 you).


Most actual science, served evil designs, as this monkey, used 4 clinical research and cosmetic egomaniac deeds, so these glamorous and so called powerful asses, USE IT 4 DEATH SINCE THEY ARE THE FIRST ASSES AND MINDS 2 BE DELETED 4EVER,  ‘Acts and Arts 4 Life’

Please feel free to visit these link, I sell nothing and I am just trying to contribute 2 convince you that life is priceless if you live beyond pollution and greed, become vegetarian 4 life, set free 4ever, using only TRADE 4 FREE, anyway all actual money systems and corruption will come 2 an end pretty soon.,,,,




Stress is the #1 killer worldwide, these are proven motives why people die on Monday, not having enough money, fanatic behavior or having too much money, capitalism and all the “isms” are killing people and life

There are 2 kinds of  Stress: First one called good stress or adrenaline, helps to act at once and resolve an immediate problem or situation, this doesn’t give you side effects as being sick or emotionally distressed, regarding stress number 2, it can be lethal, because it comes from your intellectual mind, which is, worries about something not happening, too much work, no time to eat healthy, no enough money to make your living, etc.

To be able to achieve and resolve immediate issues or challenges, first, calm yourself and check if the actual stress, it is caused by your robotic mind or if there is a concrete real problem,  lethal stress, can come out from physical fatigue, bad nutritional habits, feeling alone, feeling worthless, that nobody loves you, that nobody understand you, the job you have and hate, etc., this stress can lead you to serious mental and physical disordIers, In fact, stress can cause self-induced exaggerated problems and can made up problems from non real facts. Stress causes confusion, since it targets your physical emotional responses, everyone in the world faces at one time or another Stress because of the fact that most people live either in the past or future but never here and now.

As a child or as an adult, you are under stress if you don’t live here and now, when babies are born, there is stress to be able to cry and get what we need as to be fed, etc., later on as we grow up, the constant manipulation by propaganda, school orthodox methods that have no value but to make of you another part of the herd, society and evil government systems, make of you a SLAVE IF YOU ARE WEAK IN YOUR MIND AND SPIRIT, all these evil ignorant AGENDAS DESIGNED BY A FEW EVIL MINDS AND ASSES, CONTROLLING ALL ACTUAL CORRUPTED MONOPOLIES AND ONLY ALLOWING A FEW ONES TO BE RICH AND FAMOUS, ARE THE SOURCE OF DESTRUCTION AND GENOCIDE (WAKE UP AND KNOW THAT MONEY SYSTEMS AND WARS, DON’T EXIST, THEY ARE MADE FROM A TO Z, WITH THE ONLY PURPOSE TO ELIMINATE YOU FROM LIFE).

Now telecommunications have 2 sides, one to make your life easy or to make your life shorter, ALL TECHNOLOGIES, CONTAIN BIG AMOUNTS OF RADIATION IF YOU USE THEM CONSTANTLY, that is why you are stressed, get sick of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, cholesterol, etc. All this was achieved by means of transgenic FOODS, chemtrails, Fukushima not accident but intended to kill and contaminate all life in the ocean ( the good news is that we got help from people as ME, we all work to preserve the planet don’t stress thinking or feeling that this world is  going to end, we real power for life, WORKED AND DESTROYED ALL ACTUAL THREATS ALREADY, THE ONLY DESTRUCTION 4EVER, ARE ALL ASSES AND MINDS PARTICIPATING IN DEATH AND CORRUPTION), all ignorant humans, humanoids, they harvest what they worked for, which means , THEY ARE ON THE RED LIST OF SPECIES DISAPPEARING 4EVER, now they won’t even been able to reincarnate in another life physical form on this planet.

A NEW WORLD ORDER 4 LIFE WITHOUT EVIL MONEY SYSTEMS AND CONTAMINATED ENERGIES, IS BORN, FREE LIVING WITHOUT SCREWING YOU AND THE PLANET, IS THE LAW NOW. We are all grown up responsible and conscious children before being influenced by society or greedy means 2 gain riches at any evil price, we are practically innocent and pure when we are children, CONTROLLED education, fake money and success, made of this world a garbage dump, religions WERE INVENTED with the only purpose to make of you a fanatic and GO TO WAR so you eliminate people or get killed by another fanatic in duty, MAKING OF YOU, A MEDIOCRE AVERAGE ASS?, well there are exceptions to the rule, but 95% of the human race were in this category, nowadays, WAKING SOULS AND SPIRITS 4 LIFE, ARE BORN, WE LIGHT WORKERS OF PLANET, ARE NOW A MAJORITY 2 ELIMINATE UNWANTED GARBAGE, sobeitsoitis.

We have to become self-sufficient in our minds first, this way even in chaos, we can’t be influenced by humanoid asses or disincarnated evil memories (this tool used by CIA, COMMON WEALTH AND ALL MONOPOLIES, it is called NANO LASER BEAM TECHNOLOGIES, individual or collective assassinations were executed by actual governments and monopolies, when unwanted honest people as Robin Williams, Paul MacCarney, John Lennon, Marylin Monroe, etc., were assassinated by gun or these nano techs, by control remote, the ILLUMINATI FUCKERS killed lately Robin Williams, by laser bean, they put down planes, etc., I have my own experience and continue ALIVE 2 TO AN END 2 THIS GENOCIDE, they try to kill me with beam radiation technology in 2009, but surprise, I survived them and now I have the inner power to ELIMINATE ANY ASS OR WEAPON USED TO HARM, THE UNIVERSE, IT’S MY WITNESS THAT THIS WORLD IS TRANSFORMED HERE AND NOW WITH THE POWER OF LOVE, INTELLIGENCE AND WILL, APPLIED AS ONE, SOBEITSOITIS)


What are the different kinds of stress?

To avoid bad stress that can kill you, learn to coop with what you can’t change, EAT HEALTHY AND GO VEGETARIAN ORGANICS, USE RENEWABLE ENERGIES THAT COST NOTHING, REDUCE YOUR CONSUMPTION OF THINGS THAT YOU DON’T NEED, HEAL YOURSELF WITH NATURAL MEDICATION, change the things you can change and learn to accept that you did your best always. We all deal with everyday challenges. Take each challenge as a learning experience. We all have to pay bills, work, and so on. It’s a part of life BUT NOT FOR LONG, MONEY SYSTEMS ARE BEING DESTROYED BY US, REAL WORKERS 4 LIFE, LIVING ON THIS PLANET WILL BE SOON A FREE WORKING AND CARING EXPERIENCE, TRADE 4 GOODS AND O POLLUTION ENERGIES, ARE A FACT NOW, did you know that Portugal, it is now a total sufficient not contaminated society? did you know that are many new ways to SET OFF THE GRID? ECHO-CONSTRUCTION? I myself LIVE WITHOUT MONEY SINCE ABOUT 20 YEARS, I TRADE 4 GOODS AND SERVICES WITH MY WORK AS A HEALER, SHAMAN, ART PAINTER, ACTIVIST 4 LIFE, ETC.,  most of the stress we face, it is not REAL, IT IS IN OUR INTELLECTUAL MIND, DUE TO THE FACT THAT 85% OF HUMANS SUFFER FROM ONE IGNORANT ILLNESS WHICH IS EGOCENTRICITY OR VANITY, SO THEY CONTRIBUTE TO DESTRUCTION AT ANY COST, THERE IS NO ¡HELP EACH OTHER!, ONLY ME AND MYSELF (anyway as I said all these asses have their days counted with no possibility to reincarnate on any planet like ours). If you are not in your intellectual mind, you will find the money needed without harming life, cooperatives for a better living with organic gardens and houses with free energy, ARE YOUR ONLY CHOICE TO SET FREE FROM ACTUAL EVIL MONEY SYSTEMS.


How to reduce stress:

You can reduce stress by managing, planning and setting goals, always in your present time, setting goals every year or every 6 months, do it in a set of 7 project you want to achieve, set a date to make it possible, put it aside to consult at the end of the due time, continue living every single moment as it was the last. When you have something to look forward to, it improves your personal life. The first thing you want to consider while planning and setting goals, it is crucial, integrity and respect for life, you have to wish what will make you feel fulfilled and have a purpose IN LIFE, to add protection and real love to all living beings on this planet and ultimately to become part of GOD, the real meaning of god is goddess, so we have to become part of the GODDESS THAT BRINGS LIFE AND HAS NO DIVISION, WE ARE ONE IN REAL TERMS AND UNTIL YOU BECOME ONE WITH ALL THAT IS, YOU CAN SAY, I AM. If you are unhappy with a goal because it doesn’t respect the fact that we can do acts or deeds that harm others or contribute pollution in our planet, then don’t do it, it is better to be on welfare than to have a job or project that you feel is killing you with great doses of stress, etc., creativity and projects out of real love are easy to comprehend, projects where you doubt, just don’t do it, it doesn’t even worth the try to reflect on it, learn to know the nature of things by yourself, you will always be true and honest by following what brings you joy, the fact that true and false are just polarities of a factor called evolution, it will make you take wise and non-harmful decisions, sometimes, it is necessary to lie creatively, to find the true about real facts of life, go with your conscious and integrity, this way you are OK and you won’t make wrong choices that will add to Karmic end results.

If you want to avoid setting traps for your intellectual mind or memory, use real self-loving intelligence, since the emotions play unhealthy games if you allow it, go with your feelings instead of emotions which come to be your unconditional love, Intelligence and Will, applied as one single act beyond the mind, please feel free to visit these sites:, 

NinaOhman/Dammebleu “Arts and Acts 4 Life”


Nelson the rockies

Image                      This monkey was shut by a bastard neighbor, and landed on the roof at a lady’s home, she took him to the vet but it was too late, IGNORANCE IN THIS WORLD, it is the problem, our evil political, religious and economic systems, are there 2 FUCK THIS WORLD, with no regards 4 life in any form, etc., since 98, PLANET EARTH WAS MOVED FROM AN EVOLUTIONARY AND CORRUPTED LIFE FORM TO A CONSCIOUS WAY OF LIVING, ALL BEINGS THAT SUPPORT GENOCIDE, IGNORANCE AND DEATH, ARE BEING WIPED OUT OF PLANET EARTH AND OUR GALAXY 4EVER, MAKE WISE CHOICES 4 LIFE AND STOP SUPPORTING EVIL SYSTEMS IN ANY WAY, consciousness and acting 4 life IT IS A MUST IN OUR DAILY LIVES, stop all acts and deeds that contribute 2 pollute, BECOME VEGETARIAN, MASSACRE AND TORTURE OF ANIMALS HAVE 2 STOP, meat nowadays is LITERALLY POISONED, because animals are shut with hormones and shit, having a terrible life while alive (4 days ago I cried 4 about 3 minutes because I saw a picture where bastard ignorant send 2 a hole, pigs alive and bury them alive, why? because the fucking assholes multinationals decided they had too many pigs alive? and prices have 2 be high so you work harder 2 make the fuckers richer) THE UNIVERSE IS MY WITNESS THAT ALL EVIL IN ANY FORM IS NOW DELETED FROM LIFE, SOBEITSOITIS.


DammebleuItzamnaMeaitreya, “Arts and Acts 4 Life”

Animal liberation front

Take action help to stop murder

Monkey used and killed for medical research that worth 0 in terms of helping people.

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